T- Minus 5 Days: Olympic Trials Incoming!

This is one of the most exciting times for Track and Field fans. The USA Olympic Trials are coming up in just a few days.

Athletes will be making their final preparations, in hopes of being sharp enough to grab a spot to Rio. While there are tons of events going on, I’d like to point out, and talk about the one I’m looking forward to the most at the moment. The Men’s 10,000 meter run.

People With Standard


Why I’m Excited: Not only is Galen Rupp coming back from his Marathon win a few months back, but some of my favorite runners are lining up.¬†This is the list as of 6/26/2016 5:52am from the USATF site.

Open Men Men 10000m (M)
Name Affiliation Mark Status Declaration
Galen Rupp Nike OP / Nike Oregon Project 27:08.91 qualified declared
Juan Diego Estrada Constantino ASICS 27:30.53 qualified declared
Hassan Mead Nike OTC / NIKE OTCE 27:33.04 qualified declared
Benjamin True Saucony 27:43.79 qualified declared
Eric Jenkins Nike OP / Nike Oregon Project 27:48.02 qualified declared
Bernard Lagat Nike 27:49.35 qualified declared
Jason Witt Hansons-Brooks Distance Project 27:54.25 qualified declared
Samuel Chelanga Nike 27:54.57 qualified declared
Christopher Landry Mizuno 27:55.19 qualified declared
Robert Curtis Hansons-Brooks Distance Project 27:56.59 qualified declared
Leonard Korir U.S. Army 27:58.65 qualified declared
Shadrack Kipchirchir U.S. Army 27:58.91 qualified declared
Jacob Riley Hansons-Brooks Distance Project 27:59.37 qualified declared
Jonathan Grey adidas / Boulder Track Club 27:59.88 qualified declared
Scott Fauble HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite 28:00.43 qualified declared
Brendan Gregg Hansons-Brooks Distance Project 28:03.27 qualified declared
German Fernandez Nike BTC / Bowerman Track Club 28:06.64 qualified declared
Alex Monroe Brooks / Boulder Track Club 28:17.03 not qualified not accepted
Jim Spisak NE Distance 28:20.65 not qualified not accepted
Noah Droddy 28:22.62 not qualified not accepted
Scott Smith HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite 28:24.27 not qualified not accepted
Benjamin Bruce HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite 28:25.32 not qualified not accepted
Erik Peterson Butler 28:26.08 not qualified not accepted
Johnny Crain II ZAP Fitness Reebok 28:26.98 not qualified not accepted
Martin Hehir 28:27.70 not qualified not accepted
Robert Cheseret U.S. Army 28:31.91 not qualified not accepted
Erik Olson 28:32.39 not qualified not accepted
George-Byron Alex ZAP Fitness Reebok 28:32.68 not qualified not accepted
Cameron Marantz Adidas Garden State Track Club 28:38.63 not qualified not accepted
Futsum Ziensellassie Northern Ariz. 27:52.70 qualified
Chris Derrick BTC / Bowerman Track Club 28:31.75 not qualified
Benjamin Payne U.S. Air Force 28:36.43 not qualified

Good stuff. I’m pumped to see True take another stab at the 10,000m, but I’d have to wager he would again drop the 10k if he qualified for both. Time will tell.

I’m also looking forward to Chelenga putting his nose in the mix for a spot on the team. Dropping out of the Marathon Trials, Chelenga should be well poised and ready for whatever comes his way.

Bias aside, I’ll give you my top 4 predictions, and a short, mildly uneducated note about why I put who, where.

  1. Hassan Mead: I feel like with his recent form, and the fact that he made the World’s Team last year, it will be an upset victory to dethrone Rupp.
  2. Ben True: A storm has been brewing in his favor, and after a nice 1500m run the other week, I feel True will just get nipped at the line. For me, this was a tough call between Mead and True.
  3. Rupp: Still looking at the Marathon, I think it would be kind of foolish to discount Rupp and his experience. He recently ran a 13:20 5k, so all hope isn’t completely lost.
  4. Chelenga: Odd man out.


Will my thoughts be popular? Probably not. What fun is betting on favorites (if you even consider them that)? Regardless, I’m excited to see how these trials turn out. What do you guys think? Who will make it to Rio to run 25 laps? Let us know in the comments below!


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