New Things From RW: 6/29/2016

It’s not a secret that Running Warehouse is probably one of my most frequented sites. Between their pricing, and exceptional customer service, it’s really hard for me to turn down buying from them.

Daily, I go on their website, and not only check out their sales, but the new items that they bring in. This segment, which will be mildly sporadic, will showcase a few of the new items available on their site, and I’ll toss in a little snippet about why I’m pumped. I’ll stick with 3 items, to bolster the allure. **All Images and pricing from**

  1.  Nut Butter filled Clif Bars!?!?! I had to double take when I saw this. Clif Bars have long since been something I was fond of. The Chocolate Chip, and Coconut Chocolate chip being my favorites. Now, I’m also quite fond of nut butters. Ask any family member of mine, and they’ll tell you that I might have a problem. Clif Bar + Nut Butter =??? (Genius). These things are excellent, and even come in four different flavors!. Interested? Check them out HERE!
  2.  The Nike Zoom Victory Waffle 3. I love waffles. Nike’s waffles, Aunt Jemima’s waffles, Belgian waffles, all waffles. That being said, I’m hoping these shoes only improve upon their earlier counterparts. I wouldn’t be upset to race in these guys this coming fall. Check em out HERE!
  3.  BOA shorts. Now, this one is a bit of a cop out for me. I really enjoy all of their shorts, especially the flag ones. BOA has been popping off some really cool looking 1″ shorts. If you like designs, and a decent price point for your shorts, check them out HERE!

Out of the 3 products above, I would have to say I’m the most excited about the Clif Bars. Why? They’re filled with nut butter. Along with that, their nutrition stats look a bit better than that of a regular Clif Bar. A touch less sugar, and more nut butter. That sounds like a good addition to me. Aside from that, their flavor options are great. I’ll probably be trying to pick some up very soon.

That will wrap up this edition of “New Things from RW”. Let us know in the comments below which one of these is your favorite. Or, what is your most anticipated new item coming out? Thanks again for reading, and stay tuned for more content coming up!




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