The Firecracker 4 Miler: My Roadkill Debut

A four miler. I’ve never run one of those before. My Brother said the race was a good one last year, so I made sure to register us early on (weeks in advance).

The morning was sunny, but cool. Cool enough that I wore tights to warm up in. Probably not my best idea. By the race start, the sun was in full force, and the temperature had risen considerably since I had left. Hundreds of participants hawked the start area, which featured Police cars, flares, and a nice incline to start the race.

As the race began, I made my way up the first hill. A clear pack had broken away at the beginning, led by Tim Chichester, formerly of SUNY Geneseo. They had a solid pack up front, and they cruised along. I made an effort to keep things under control.

I have no workouts under my belt as of yet this season, and my hamstring had been a wild card. I’d been having some trouble with it, and wasn’t sure what trying to run hard might do to it.

Passing the first mile much quicker than I anticipated, I was essentially in no man’s land. I was near 2 other runners, trading places with them for about 2 miles. One eventually broke away, and the other fell behind me, though I’m not sure how far back he actually was.

The course took us over a few more hills, each with an equal downhill. The streets were lined with volunteers, spectators, and the one guy I saw who was dressed like Superman. After 3 miles, I was well ahead of the pace that I had predicted for myself. My brother and I had warmed up near this area, so I knew where the finish line was going to be.

I also knew that there was going to be a climb right at the end. Making my way towards the final turn, I tried to mentally prepare myself for finishing up hill. I tried to reach for another gear, but found jack squat.

I powered up the last hill as much as I could, but I was pretty spent by that point. I made my was through the finish line, still intact.

I can look at this race, and take away a few key things from it.

  1. My Leg: I got through the entire race without 100% re injuring my leg,. That being said, as I type this the next day, the darn thing is stiff and sore again. More Ice!
  2. Fitness: I ended up running about 1:00 quicker over the four mile course than I anticipated. With how things have been progressing so far, I wasn’t sure what to expect.
  3. Long Race Envy: I had a really nice time with this race. I had raced many 5k’s between my last Indoor, and Outdoor seasons, ┬áso doing something longer was a nice break. If I wasn’t looking forward to XC so much, I would train for a Half Marathon or the like.
  4. Roadkill Debut: While not debuting in a massive team competition, I feel this went pretty well. I got to meet another member of RKR, donned the singlet (retro), and had a good time doing it.

What’s next then? Unless I feel the need to pursue some Sauerkraut, my next race should be Bergen in August. This will be a great team competition, and I hope to be rounding into shape by then. I would love nothing more than to be able to contribute, and have a great showing as a team.

Immediately though, I’ll be tending to my leg, increasing mileage, and making sure to stay hydrated. With the weather lately, that has to be a top priority for me, and probably others.

Also, people should be watching the Track and Field Olympic Trials. Good stuff going on there!

Thank you all so much for reading! Please feel free to post any comments below, or just give me a shout.

**Photo from Yellowjacket Racing’s Facebook Page**

-Dave Herbert